Live reload takes the standard ember serve live reload behaviour to ember-cordova apps.

Live reload apps can still access Cordova plugins and work on emulators and physical devices.


  • Live reload is not for production environments. It is not a solution for delivering over the air updates in a production context.

  • Your computer and phone/device must be on the same network.


  ember cdv:serve
  ember cdv:s --environment=staging --platform=android

Some whitelisting may be required in config.xml, which ember-cordova will guide you through. For options, see the cli reference.

At a high level, this command builds a cordova container app, and then starts a slightly modified ember serve. Once serve is running, deploy the newly generated app to a device/emulator as explained in build workflow.

Code changes should immediately resolve on your device. If you are having further troubles, you likely need to customize the device live-reload url.

Additional Android Steps

The whitelist plugin is also required for Android >4.0: ember cdv:plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist

Customize the device live-reload url

Livereload works by redirecting the cordova apps window.location from file://index.html to your locally running serve instance. In general, we detect and automatically set these values for you.

There are times you may need to run live-reload from a remote host and port, or to customize a local url because we are not detecting it correctly.

In all cases below, <url> refers to the full url including protocol, host, and port, e.g. http://localhost:4200

via commandline arg

ember cdv:serve --reload-url="<url>"

via .ember-cli

  reloadUrl: "<url>"