corber announcement

We have started moving the ember-cordova CLI into the corber project, which adds support for other frameworks. This repository is a mirror of the pre-forked, stable ember-cordova. We encourage you to try the corber beta.

Announcement details can be found here, the repository here and documentation here.


ember-cordova provides a pipeline & tooling for extending Ember.js & standalone Glimmer applications with Cordova.

Once installed, building is as simple as:

ember cdv:build --platform=ios
ember cdv:build --platform=android

The project includes on-device livereload, a CLI for building & deploying to devices, automated icon/splash generation, a device info service and a growing ecosystem of plugins.

ember-cordova maintained by Isle of Code in Toronto, with a community of contributors.

See the Installation guides to get started, or watch Hybrid/Ember best practices from EmberConf 2016.