corber announcement

We have started moving the ember-cordova CLI into the corber project, which adds support for other Vue/React/Webpack. This repository is a mirror of the pre-forked, stable ember-cordova. We encourage you to try the corber beta.

ember-cordova will continue receiving bugfixes, but most new feature development will appear in corber. Ember users will see no loss of features by migrating.

Announcement details can be found here, the repository here and documentation here.


ember-cordova provides a pipeline & tooling for extending Ember.js & standalone Glimmer applications with Cordova.

Once installed, building is as simple as:

ember cdv:build --platform=ios
ember cdv:build --platform=android

The project includes on-device livereload, a CLI for building & deploying to devices, automated icon/splash generation, a device info service and a growing ecosystem of plugins.

ember-cordova maintained by Isle of Code in Toronto, with a community of contributors.

See the Installation guides to get started, or watch Hybrid/Ember best practices from EmberConf 2016.